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About Lidewij

Lidewij de Vries was born on June 7 th, 1989. She currently lives in a small village in the countryside of the north-west of the Netherlands. From a young age she has always enjoyed art and music. With these two passions she set out to become a musician and artist. As a musician she is a fiddler and vocalist in the folk music genre.  Playing mostly Irish and American folk music. At the moment she is active in ''The Oldtime Stringband''

Lidewij attended the Crejat Academy in the city of Alkmaar, where she studied painting, drawing and design. She graduated after three years but still felt she had a lot more to learn. She then enrolled at the Wackers Art Academy in the city of Amsterdam. There she learned not only the classic techniques of drawing and painting but also various ways of bringing her own imagination to life through illustration. She graduated in 2014 after four years of full-time study with a specialty in illustration.

Once fresh out of art school and very eager to do more illustrations, she made the choice to become a freelance illustrator.
Her main projects consist of a variety of children’s book stories, editorial, educational, greeting card and other kinds of illustration.
Aside from illustration projects, she enjoys making gallery art and commisioned work for clients, such as paintings of nature, wildlife, fantasy and portraits.
Lidewij favors the traditional (mixed) media kind and thus uses watercolor, graphite, colored pencils, gouache and acrylics. Depending on what works best for the type of project she is working on.   

Lidewij is a member of Dutch Illustration

Let's do business!

Let's do business!

''Her inspiration derives from her own imagination, music and storytelling, often translating her work as ‘’romantic’’ and ‘’fairytale-like’’.